Thursday, June 22, 2006

View from my New front porch

We have spent the last few months building a wonderful front porch [actually my hublet did the building, I earned the money]. We still need to add railings, although I am really enjoying it without the rails. So are our dogs .... Buddy here is surveying the domain.

I was trying to get the overall view [mountains way in the background] but it was just too sunny. Yes those are old tractors you see under the oaks, just another one of our hobbies.

Next on our never-ending list of projects is to landscape this front. We want to make a walk/path way up from the drive to the front door and possible even plant some roses. We do need to be aware of water usage as we are on a well and in So. Ca....not known for excess water. Oh yeah and we can't ever forget it is SummerTime now and the temp has been know to get to 110-115f. This means we gota be sure the watering system is set up before we buy the plants. Oh and also we need to be sure we don't melt when we are trying to do this said planting.....hum....looks like we ought to wait till the fall. But I want flowers and roses now sulks off into corner.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Helloooooo......anyone belive I am still here

Bad blogger doesn't even begin to excuse me. I have big plans when I start my day [the only time I can internet is at the office --- dial-up a home and real slow]. I should be able to take time during my breaks and lunch but time always seem to get away from me.

We did finally name the kitty -- Meet Rocky

When we first brought him home we were VERY careful with him around our two BIG dogs [we call them two stupid dogs....cause they are, but we love them]. We watched them and made sure they played nice with Rocky. He has no fear!!! Anyway it has been several weeks now and they dogs are quite use to him, in fact they find him quite the pest. We will catch them growling under their breath at Rocky. It is quite funny seeing such a little bitty kitty ruling our two stupid dogs.
Meet Buddy [the blonde lab] & Bentley [the Black Lab]. They are wanting to play with Rocky, but I made them sit for their picture.

Lately Rocky has been exploring the great outdoors and meeting our two feral cats. They like to call him over to play, it is quite fun to watch. I am sure he will rule them also before long.

Well once again I have run out of until next time [when ever that might be]...