Thursday, May 18, 2006

Been a bad blogger

Well for anyone who reads my pathetic blog...sorry. I still haven't gotten use to making entries in this. I guess I figure my life is pretty boring. I have been on overload mode the last few weeks. I haven't even knit anything since I finished the Sunrise Jacket [and of course it is too hot around here to wear it]. I did pick-up some sock yarn the other weekend and some size 00 needles. Tried to cast on and knit....but we have a new kitten....and he thought the knitting and needles were just irresistible.

Yes we have a new kitty, no name yet. We are waiting for him to tell us what his name should be. I did get a few pictures of him the other night and I will try to upload them next chance I get [don't hold your breath]. Right now he is an indoor kitten cause we are trying to adapt him to our two big [horses] of dogs. They have a tendency to chase cats, however kitty will not run. In fact he walks up to them and bats them on the nose. They are SO puzzled by this, I really need to get a video of it.

Once again it is time for me to run off, HAIRCUT day. Can't miss that or be late. See ya

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Finished Sunrise Circle Jacket

It's DONE; and I'm loving it!!!

Very nice fit, I love the length that my worked out is a bit longer than the pattern shows but for me that works out great [I prefer my stuff long or else I am always pulling things down, I hate an exposed back]

I ended up using buttons instead of toggles. I received several sets of WONDERFUL vintage buttons from my bestest friend Nancy. She found them at a yard sale. One of the set was 4 [perfect #] wooden button in the shape of leaves. As my jacket color is Deep Forest they are PERFECT!!

Monday, May 01, 2006


What a lovely weekend. It was SUNNY & warm. I am really a So. Cal girl [born & raised] and we have had a very gloomy winter. Late rains [which we desperately needed so I shouldn't complain]and cloudy almost everyday for the entire beginning of this year. Ah but this weekend it was beautiful!!!!!

I don't have anything on the needles right now so I didn't get any knitting done, I just kind of sat around and enjoyed the SUN. I guess I didn't realize how much the weather was affecting me. Now I have lived in Oregon [for about 2 years] and I loved it. I guess the difference is that I expected clouds and rain when I lived there.

I have finished up my Sunrise Circle Jacket with buttons and all, however I need to move one of the buttons. It is too far in and makes the jacket front not lie down flat. The problem is that it is warm weather now [80 degrees this wonderful sunny weekend past] and I just can't seem to pick-up my wool jacket and do the simple task of moving a button. Guess I ought to get on with it. I really would like to post my picture showing the completed jacket. I could then post it here and on the Sunrise Circle KAL.

Probably won't get a chance in the next few nights, meetings tonight and tomorrow night....maybe Wed. I think I will set myself a goal to FINISH it Wed., I really would like to begin a new project. Don't know what yet, have to look thru my patterns, I am thinking of recycling an old sweater and knitting another hat to be felted [now that I know how to knit on circulars without it ending up all left leaning]