Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yes Dianna I did knit on my trip

Well I took a vacation....yes me....I actually went somewhere. If you know me you know that is a VERY rare thing. I like my home and I LIKE to be there....but we had a chance to attend the Kiwanis International Convention http://www.kiwanis.org/ in Nashville, TN. I flew back there on a Wed, convention ran until Sat night. On Sunday we began the drive back home (to the west coast - hublet had driven out). We stopped to see old friends and relatives on the way back. Took the week to get home, during the drive I finished the socks (toe-up, two at a time on one needle) Nashville Convention Trip 029 on the road at the New Mexico/Arizona border

Nashville Convention Trip 028 the heels - they fit well

and Nashville Convention Trip 030 driving just south of Flagstaff, AZ.

If and when I post again....I'll show ya some pics from the actual trip......don't hold your breath though

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Magic Loop style Knitting

Here are a few pictures I took a while back showing the magic loop style of sock knitting.
starting a new row

Starting a row

row in process

Row in process

knitting the row
as you are knitting you will be working on the two needle tips and the cord from the needle will be on both sides of your hands with the row you are working on to the front of the needles and the other part of the row will be resting on the cord to the back of where you are working.

Knitting the row

row completed

row completed

First Row

row finished

and this whole thing probably doesn't make any sense....but I try.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Two at a Time Toe-up Socks

Well I enjoyed the Knitpick yarn I used for the "Naive" Socks so much that I started another pair. This time I am following written instructions for knitting two at a time but I picked the pattern out of a generic stich book. two at a time toe-up - toe
Toe of Sock 1

two at a time toe-up - heel turn
Heel Turn

and just to show you that I am really knitting them two at a time

two at a time toe-up - nice balance

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Finished some Socks

Well I have been working on a pair of socks and they are actually finished. The yarn is Knitpic Jester color Multi - a bit too wild for my tastes. They did work out PERFECTLY for my friend Nanc - she likes wild stuff and the socks actually even fit her.

Naive Socks - cropped

Naive Socks 005

Fun pattern and a variety of cables to keep it interesting. Pattern is Naive Socks by SillyJane http://spillyjane.blogspot.com

Now I am designing a pair of toe-up socks (knitting them two-at-a-time) with a self-striping yarn. I found an interesting but fairly simple pattern in one of my pattern books and I adjusted it to fit the stitch count. I am just starting the pattern (pattern only on the instep side at this time).

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I actually ordered yarn over the internet

Yeah I know this is no big deal to most people....but I have tried VERY hard to stay away from internet ordering. I also try to have my yarn useage derived from recycling old sweaters (tis the overly strong thrifty gene I have). I have been lured, tempted and I succumbed - KnitPicks has a sock yarn collection with colors I could not resist
KnitPicks - Sock Cocktail

So now I have them in my hot little hands - two skeins of each....bahhhhhhh

now I must add that the Jester Multi has A LOT OF YELLOW-GREEN that I did not expect....not sure if I like it. We shall see if and when I get it knit up.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Walking the 3-Day 60 Miles again - will you help???

Help me reach my goal for the Denver Breast Cancer 3-Day!

hmmm seems that I should be able to make this a widget that stays on the side under my profile....but I don't know HOW

Monday, April 06, 2009

And just to Shock Myself - another post!

Twice in one month!!! and I should be amazed to see twice in one year! So maybe I should show off more knitting completed projects.

Soooooo here is a pair of socks that I made (and PLEASE ignore my pasty white legs). P7120025 These were made for my Misery-Knits swap partner FBG, sent to England and I hope she is enjoying them.
detail of the pattern - MonkeySocks knit toe up.P7120027

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Well I am sure no-one ever looks at this Blog

Well I am sure no-one ever looks at this Blog - in fact it is probably pretty obvious that even I don't ever look here. So I was thinking of just deleting the entire thing. I took a quick stroll thru what I had posted, and found that it is a great record of past swaps.....so I will keep the blog for a bit longer.

Now the question is?????? will I ever post to it?????hmmmm. and does anyone really belive that I knit? Hmmm maybe a picture or two of some completed projects might be helpful

This is my completed GoddessKnits Mystery Shawl(finished Oct 2008). Knit from recycled cashmere yarn (from a mens vest).
and a bit of the detail. I really enjoyed this KAL!!

and WOWI can't belive it has been well over a year since I last posted...bad Maddog!