Thursday, September 27, 2007

BlogStalker 2 - and I am cheating

O.K. Blog Stalker has been going on for awhile and I am going back and changing the post date [cause I'm evil like that]. But I figure I might as well look like I am participating.

Week 2 - Purse Guts.
I must admit I have a pretty boring purse.

your very basic black purse that I bought secondhand [I don't even remember where]. In this purse [and all purses that I have ever had] everything has it's place and THAT IS WHERE IT BELONGS!!! [naw I'm not anal or anything] So here it is. Main pocket - wallet, hairbrush, palmpilot, lipstick [althought I don't know why as I do NOT wear lipstick], dental picks, carmex lipbalm, neighbor/friends keys and MOST importantly my Swiss Army Knife - it goes everywhere with me!

And this is the front pocket - checkbook, pens, business card holder, thumbdrive [better know as NerdStick], chewing gum, mints and more lipbalm

then there is the misc stuff in the little side pockets; glasses case, cellphone handsfree kit, office keys, car & house keys.

See I told you, a very boring purse!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

So....should I join the BlogStalking???

Knittyboard, which I belong to and regularly read [too much at work], is having another round of blogStalking. I have read a couple of the entries and I'm thinking this might be the PUSH I need to post more often.

Well the first assignment is WHO AM I????

Like everyone else has noted - that is quite a question.

Who am I? I often say that I could take many different sections of my life describe them and one would be convinced that I was referring to completely different people!!! So here is a brief decade by decade synopsis

Kid to teenager: - skinny, knobbly kneed, buckteeth, straight blah colored hair 2nd daughter [of 6 kids]. Shy and not many friends. I grew up in a small town [you know the one where everyone knows everyone - well at least the School Principal knew all us kids - couldn't get away with anything]. Thing is with this small town was that it was also a major Navy friends I did make would move away every 2 years or so.

Ah my twenties: well that was the free love 60's [actually the early 70's - cause most of that stuff really happened in the 70's]. Left home, moved a lot - California to Oregon and back again [twice]. Hung out with hippies, worked at a food co-op [actually I was the Produce Buyer], had my own pottery studio, walked or biked everywhere, when through vegetarian phases. Finally got evicted from my home [with long gone worthless bf] and spent about a year living in a camper on the streets.

Thirties: Went to college, got my degree. Ran two interior design business with my [now] husband. Life was good, we actually had money to spend, treat our friends and take vacations. Only problem was is that the pressures of living in a big city were starting to mount up. We dealt with bums at our business and bums around where we lived [I know there are people that are truly down and out....but when you live in a big city with fine weather---well mostly they are BUMS]

Forties: Gave up the interior design business [in fact my husband retired]. Bought a home in a rural neighborhood. Left the city behind [my nerves were about shot]. I continued working - now doing administrative work. We now have dogs and cats and fresh clean air to breath. I walk about 3 miles 3-4 times a week and don't have to get on a paved road or deal with other people.

I often say that I can't stand people....but really I like people one on one - but a crowd and I go nuts [or go hide somewhere].