Thursday, September 28, 2006

Meet our Wild Cats

Stripes Posted by Picasa

O.K. this picture has been hanging up here unexplained for months now, I suppose at least something should be said [I am editing this now at the end of Jan 2007].

Stripes is one of two remaining feral cats we have from a loooonnng line of cats. 12 years ago when we move out here to the country we got 4 kittens [unrelated to each other]. Since then we have had their descendants but each litter has gotten more and more aloof. Stripes and his [sister?] Fuzzy are the last. We live at the base of a mountain and kitties are born on the mountain. We usually don't even know about them until they are long past opening their eyes....and believe me they are LONG past putting up with any human.

I have been able [on very rare occasions] to pet Stripes, but I don't believe Fuzzy has ever been touched by human hands. They do come down to eat of course and I am sure they help with the rodent control. They appear healthy - quite wild but healthy. I do care for my wild cats and wish them the longest life.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

O.K. I took one of those "What are you?" tests

I'm a Mercedes SLK!

You appreciate the finer things in life. You have a split personality - wild or conservative, depending on your mood. Wherever you go, you like to travel first class. Luxury, style, and fun - who could ask for more?

Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.

Not sure if this really fits me....but it is a cool looking car yes. I would expect my answeres to come up with something more like a VW.

Well they are probably correct on the split personality part, I always claim that I could write my autobio several times and you wouldn't know it was the same person. The bio would all depend on what years of my life I selected.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lucy's first outdoor outing

Meet Lucy - our newest kitty. She is about the tinyest kitten, sometimes we wonder if she will ever get any bigger [actually we have had her about 3 wks and she is finally starting to put some size on]. She finally got to go outside, we have an area that is dog free so I didn't have to worry about her hiding somewhere I wouldn't be able to reach her. She had quite a time and got to meet our other two [feral] cats. As soon as I have time and blogger cooperates I'll post more pictures....I have lots of cool pictures of all my kittys [Rocky, Lucy and our two feral cats - Stripes and Fuzzy].

Rocky kept a good eye on her, in fact he was pretty protective of her around Stripes. I think she is saying to Stripes "My you're a BIG cat!"

Rocky came over to reasure her and let Stripes know not to mess with the little one. I could almost hear the conversation.

I also got lucky and managed to get a couple of good pictures of Stripes and Fuzzy [for Fuzzy this is VERY rare since she has never allowed anyone to even touch her]. Unfortunately blogger is not uploading the pictures. Try again tomorrow

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Why I LOVE the Company I work for

Look what they [actually I know it was Pat that put this together, THANKS Pat] gave me for my birthday!!!!!
One Skein Tote Bag [which I have been enjoying - great to quickly stash project and take anywhere];Yarn; pattern booklet; stitch markers; needle caps; a whole packet of neccesary notions; BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS; cake [oh yeah that's gone!] and sparkling cider.

Dang I think I'll stay around this place. Actually I love my job and the people I work with. It is a small family run company [8 employees] and we are all treated with respect; ya' just couldn't ask for more. I get to set my own schedule and I am left to do my work as I know how. I am the Office Administrator so all the paperwork goes thru me [contracts, billing, payroll etc]. I have my busy times and my down times but the variety keeps it fun. My boss trusts me enough to let me handle my responsibility [I have worked for companies that micromanage their employees...can't. stand. it.!] Besides all that they gave me such cool birthday gifts!!!

Friday, September 08, 2006

More WONDERFUL Gifts from my SP7

Lucky, lucky me!! Look at the pretties I got from my Secret Pal....who I now know is Tocspaw from the Knitty Coffeshop. No she didn't send me the kitty..believe it or not that is Rocky. You remember Rocky, he is the little kitty we got back in May. Well he is growing up to be quite a healthy boy. He enjoyed the gifts also and wanted to sniff up the yarn.

She sent me this cool looking knit kit that makes a felted Iris;

a set of beautiful stitch markers [did you make these??? Tocspaw???] and and and look at this fantastic yarn [it is an almost perfect match to the yarn I used on my Sunrise Circle jacket].


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Kiwanis Convention Time

Not much knitting time lately [I did finally finish an IK sweater-have to take photo] cause there have been a lot of things going on with Kiwanis. Both my husband and I are quite active in Kiwanis [what is Kiwanis you ask...let's see if I can post a link Kiwanis International ...seems to work]. At any rate this past weekend was the Ca-Nev-Ha [that's California-Nevada-Hawaii District of Kiwanis clubs] held it's annual convention. This year it was in San Diego, close enough for us to attend. This is the first time I have been able to attend the full-on convention. I love meeting other Kiwanians, hearing their ideas, the ways and things their clubs do to "Serve the Children of the World". There is so much need, but I also know that there are so many ways to help - both big and small ideas. Many of the San Diego clubs support Children's Hospital, clubs up in the Sacramento area actually have a house where parents and family can stay when a child is sick in the hospital up there. More groups are trying to make a better life for the thousands of orphans in Romania, and the list goes on and on [makes me so happy to be part of such an important organization].
We attended seminars, socialized and generally had a great time.

It was also the time to elect the person to lead our district for the year 2007-2008 [2006-2007 was already elected]. This person is called the Governor. This year for the first time [I think] there were 3 persons running for the office. Usually who ever is going to be the Governor is basically pre-selected by the established leaders, not this year! This year a man from our own Division [Division 31] also ran. Oscar Knight - he was an incredible driving force to help re-build Crest & Harbison Canyon after the devastation from the Cedar Fires of 2003 . The established guard thought he had no chance to win, but they did not count on the rank and file and our ability to SEE the true leadership that Oscar will bring you can probably guess I am a HUGE supporter of Oscar Knight. It was nerve racking as the election went on and they had to have two voting sessions to receive a majority vote but OSCAR KNIGHT did win and he will lead Ca-Nev-Ha in 2007-2008.

This may be a boring post to many, but I do encourage you to look at what you can do for your community...and maybe even consider joining a Kiwanis club in your neighborhood.

Friday, August 11, 2006

I'm Bored ---- or the teenager's lament

No I'm not bored [don't I wish I had time to be bored] but

Yep, we have a teenage grandson visiting with us [one is still here] and yesterday I heard it....yep I knew it would be coming...that teenage lament "I'm Bored". I will grant you that where we live it is quiet, rural and there is basically nothing to do. But I had to laugh cause I know even if we were in the middle of all the hustle & bustle of a big city it was only a matter of time before I heard "I'm Bored". I resisted my usual response which is "What I wouldn't do to be bored; you really ought to enjoy it while you get the chance". I know now that myself and every other adult I know would love the luxury of being bored..of having NOTHING to do. Ahh just sit back for a minute and dream upon the thought of nothing to do...I mean NOTHING, not that little nagging voice that says you need to..clean something, file something, work on know whatever, just imagine NOTHING. For me, at least, that little voice never shuts down. I digress..back to the bored grandson

I am trying to remember it is his vacation and we have tried to give him things to do and even a few people his age to met. But inside myself I have to chuckle cause I knew it was just a matter of time before I heard the old "I'm Bored". Ah well it is just about the we shall see what we get up to in the next couple of days.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Gifties from my Secret Pal!!!!

Wow look at all this COOL stuff I received from my Secret Pal. What/who is a Secret Pal? you ask [jealous aren't you]....I belong to "Knitty Coffeeshop" which is about the neatest bunch of folks on-line..anyway periodically they have what are "Secret Pal Swaps" and this time I got to play. So these are the gifts sent to ME by my secret pal. Now I don't know who she is but I think she lives in Arizona

There is a little notebook with a band to keep it closed which will go right into my sock knitting bag [love the band for closure, cause I am always wrinkling up note pages otherwise]; some wonderful Burt Bees Lip Gloss which has already found it's way into my purse and onto my lips mmmmmm; some gumdrop pops bound for the local Bible School kids [yeah let's get them hopped up on sugar; a pencil case with more zippers than I have ever seen - will be great for holding little notions; then also the coolest pattern book "Last Minute Gifts" - I've already mentally picked out several patterns that just need to be knitted.

can you say PURPLE..yummy, yummy purple yarn
Gonn'a have to think on what is just the right pattern for this loveliness. Gee I might have to just look at it and pet it for awhile. My mind loves to knit up several possible finished projects [so much quicker than actually knitting them]. Ah but this yarn deserves the right pattern!

SO THANK YOU TO MY SPECIAL PAL [cause I know you check my pathetic blog from time to time] and I still have NO CLUE as to who you are. I am terrible at figuring out coded names; I never can figure out what someone has on their car licenceplate -- so if your name is anything like that [and I think it must be] I will remain clueless. Anyone out there that can interpret Doaner82to7 ??????

Monday, August 07, 2006

How much food can one Teenager EAT!!!

Oh. My. God. I was warned, I thought I was prepared, I thought it wouldn't be too bad....but oh my, oh my.

O.K. what is my problem...well we have not one but TWO teenage grandsons visiting us right now [one for 4-5 days and one for about 3 weeks]. We picked them up on Thursday and since then have spent over $200 on groceries [mind you my husband & I probably only spend about $250-300 per month for ourselves] and I have to go shopping again tonight. To top it off they eat an entirely different diet than we do, so we are having to buying stuff that isn't in the pantry. We are low-carb eaters but I don't think that is good for growing teenagers, especially ones that could eat me out of house and home. Bad for the budget, bad for the diet [cause I fix dinner and we end up all eating together] but GOOD FOR BONDING WITH THE BOYS. I guess I need to remind myself that this is the most important part - GETTING TO SPEND TIME WITH THEM. In a while they will be gone [visit over] and then they will be grown-up and off on their own. This little shock time will be over and I am sure I will look back and laugh at myself.....but Oh.My.God can they EAT

p.s. I still need to take pictures of them [cousins that don't see each other except every few years] so I can post them. Try to get pictures tonight. [after I get home from the grocery store!]

Friday, August 04, 2006

Before & After

I mentioned in an earlier post that we had been doing alot of work on the house. Well my husband sent me these two pictures.



The painting continues and we have since changed the trim from the dark brown to a very light yellow. But the biggest change is covering up the front of the mobile home...and we did such a good job that several of our friends have come over, notice that we have changed something but can't figure out what it is. This addition of the wall is something we have wanted to do for a LONG TIME.

[Wow ... two post in one day---my gosh what is wrong with me?????]

Ummmmm Where did JULY go???

O.K. I lost a month. Where did July go?? No really I mean it where did it go? I can't believe I lost a whole month. I did go on vacation but that was only one week. Oh I suppose you want pictures from the vacation alright I'll upload some pictures [if blogger will let me] .

These are from Crater Lake, Oregon. Isn't the water beautiful.

This is my husband posing as a tourist and this is me.

We drove from San Diego to Vancouver Wa, took a week off and had a great time taking the back roads and stopping at out of the way little towns. We are always playing the "could we live here game" so we enjoy crusing off the beaten path.

Purpose of the Vacation was to attend the Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Assoc. National Meeting in Ridgefield Wa [just north of Vancouver]. Had a great time there, saw lots of different antique engines and tractor, saw lots of people we only see at these events and in general had a great time. I have more pictures on my other camera, I will try to get them uploaded at another time [camera is not with me]. I guess if you know me, you know there is no reason to hold your breath on me posting something again in the near future.

Really I have plenty to say, just never enough time to say it....yeah what ever. Well I don't want to use all my stuff up in this post. So bye till next time [when ever that might be]

Thursday, June 22, 2006

View from my New front porch

We have spent the last few months building a wonderful front porch [actually my hublet did the building, I earned the money]. We still need to add railings, although I am really enjoying it without the rails. So are our dogs .... Buddy here is surveying the domain.

I was trying to get the overall view [mountains way in the background] but it was just too sunny. Yes those are old tractors you see under the oaks, just another one of our hobbies.

Next on our never-ending list of projects is to landscape this front. We want to make a walk/path way up from the drive to the front door and possible even plant some roses. We do need to be aware of water usage as we are on a well and in So. Ca....not known for excess water. Oh yeah and we can't ever forget it is SummerTime now and the temp has been know to get to 110-115f. This means we gota be sure the watering system is set up before we buy the plants. Oh and also we need to be sure we don't melt when we are trying to do this said planting.....hum....looks like we ought to wait till the fall. But I want flowers and roses now sulks off into corner.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Helloooooo......anyone belive I am still here

Bad blogger doesn't even begin to excuse me. I have big plans when I start my day [the only time I can internet is at the office --- dial-up a home and real slow]. I should be able to take time during my breaks and lunch but time always seem to get away from me.

We did finally name the kitty -- Meet Rocky

When we first brought him home we were VERY careful with him around our two BIG dogs [we call them two stupid dogs....cause they are, but we love them]. We watched them and made sure they played nice with Rocky. He has no fear!!! Anyway it has been several weeks now and they dogs are quite use to him, in fact they find him quite the pest. We will catch them growling under their breath at Rocky. It is quite funny seeing such a little bitty kitty ruling our two stupid dogs.
Meet Buddy [the blonde lab] & Bentley [the Black Lab]. They are wanting to play with Rocky, but I made them sit for their picture.

Lately Rocky has been exploring the great outdoors and meeting our two feral cats. They like to call him over to play, it is quite fun to watch. I am sure he will rule them also before long.

Well once again I have run out of until next time [when ever that might be]...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Been a bad blogger

Well for anyone who reads my pathetic blog...sorry. I still haven't gotten use to making entries in this. I guess I figure my life is pretty boring. I have been on overload mode the last few weeks. I haven't even knit anything since I finished the Sunrise Jacket [and of course it is too hot around here to wear it]. I did pick-up some sock yarn the other weekend and some size 00 needles. Tried to cast on and knit....but we have a new kitten....and he thought the knitting and needles were just irresistible.

Yes we have a new kitty, no name yet. We are waiting for him to tell us what his name should be. I did get a few pictures of him the other night and I will try to upload them next chance I get [don't hold your breath]. Right now he is an indoor kitten cause we are trying to adapt him to our two big [horses] of dogs. They have a tendency to chase cats, however kitty will not run. In fact he walks up to them and bats them on the nose. They are SO puzzled by this, I really need to get a video of it.

Once again it is time for me to run off, HAIRCUT day. Can't miss that or be late. See ya

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Finished Sunrise Circle Jacket

It's DONE; and I'm loving it!!!

Very nice fit, I love the length that my worked out is a bit longer than the pattern shows but for me that works out great [I prefer my stuff long or else I am always pulling things down, I hate an exposed back]

I ended up using buttons instead of toggles. I received several sets of WONDERFUL vintage buttons from my bestest friend Nancy. She found them at a yard sale. One of the set was 4 [perfect #] wooden button in the shape of leaves. As my jacket color is Deep Forest they are PERFECT!!

Monday, May 01, 2006


What a lovely weekend. It was SUNNY & warm. I am really a So. Cal girl [born & raised] and we have had a very gloomy winter. Late rains [which we desperately needed so I shouldn't complain]and cloudy almost everyday for the entire beginning of this year. Ah but this weekend it was beautiful!!!!!

I don't have anything on the needles right now so I didn't get any knitting done, I just kind of sat around and enjoyed the SUN. I guess I didn't realize how much the weather was affecting me. Now I have lived in Oregon [for about 2 years] and I loved it. I guess the difference is that I expected clouds and rain when I lived there.

I have finished up my Sunrise Circle Jacket with buttons and all, however I need to move one of the buttons. It is too far in and makes the jacket front not lie down flat. The problem is that it is warm weather now [80 degrees this wonderful sunny weekend past] and I just can't seem to pick-up my wool jacket and do the simple task of moving a button. Guess I ought to get on with it. I really would like to post my picture showing the completed jacket. I could then post it here and on the Sunrise Circle KAL.

Probably won't get a chance in the next few nights, meetings tonight and tomorrow night....maybe Wed. I think I will set myself a goal to FINISH it Wed., I really would like to begin a new project. Don't know what yet, have to look thru my patterns, I am thinking of recycling an old sweater and knitting another hat to be felted [now that I know how to knit on circulars without it ending up all left leaning]

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sunrise Circle Jacket - knit, hemmed and seamed for the buttons

Another Sunrise finished EXCEPT the buttons. I have buttons picked out and enough yarn left over for the loops [probably just barely] all I need is TIME.

I love the way the jacket turned out. I used Peruvian Collection Sierra Aran, row gauge was a bit off [24 rows instead of 28]and it made a lighter jacket. That will probably be just fine as I am in So. Cal. and it never really gets cold. Turns out that there is enough body to hold the curve shape.

I do have one problem....the sleeves are about 2" too long. I am reviewing my options, I'm thinking about if it is possible to un-knit from the cast-on edge up to the correct length. Maybe, but I have further complicated matters by doing a beautiful job on knitting the hem in. Anyone have any good suggestions?????

No pictures yet, got to get the buttons on - then it is modeling time.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Got all the parts!

Knitting went well on the Las Vegas trip. I got all the parts finished by Tues night and all the hems finished on Thurs I didn't feel ready to block it [I am still intimidated by blocking]. I let it go until Sunday afternoon...then figured gahh just do it you probably can't mess it up too much So there they are.

Drying on the spare bed, cause that is the only place large enough in our house. Good thing we don't have any company expected.
The knitted up objects look a little see thru so I am hoping that they have enough body to hold the shape well. Hopefully they will be dry in a day or two then it will be time to seam and see.

p.s. I finished with about 5 feet of yarn left....that's cutting it a little close

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Good News on the Yarn Front

Good News!!!!! I was going thru my carry-along knit bag the other night [getting my sissors out] and LO & BEHOLD another skein of yarn. know I had been really stressing out on the possibility that I might run out of yarn before completing my sweater. I had visions of having to order one more skein [and paying the shipping cost for just one...I guess it could have been a good excuse to make a bigger order] and hope that they still had the right dye lot. Ahh, I don't need to do that now.

Both fronts are completed [still resisting the hemming part] and I have started on the back. We are driving to Las Vegas tomorrow [5 1/2 hrs more or less] and I hope to make some serious progress!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Why is my life sooooooo busy?

What is my problem? I look at my schedule and there "ain't" no free time!!! Every weekend has something planned and most week nights I have some sort of meeting. Oh yeah, I work full time and have about an hour commute each way. WHY do I let myself get in these spots????

We [hublet & I] moved to a rural community about 12 years ago. We thought that it would lead to a quiet calm life.......WRONG. I seem to have a habit of volunteering for every need that comes along. I'm on our Volunteer Fire Fighter's Board [Treasurer]; Immediate Past President of the local Kiwanis and just chaired a pancake breakfast this past weekend; Board Member of "Branch 22" of the Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Assoc.; recently ending term as Planning Board Member; will be working the 3-Day/60 Mile Breast Cancer Walk for the 4th year in a row. Gee there must be something else I NEED to do? God I'm crazy!!!

Hublet and I have been saying [he is as bad as me only he is retired] for the last year or so that we NEED to cut back. It's not happening. We just can't seem to say NO.... you know needs in the community, needs in our neighborhood, needs in our different one else steps needs to be done.......arrrgh!

So what is my problem? There just isn't enough time to KNIT. It's not fair.....whine, whine, whine, cry cry. Do you feel sorry for me...sniff sniff. O.K. maybe. not. You probably will just tell me IT IS MY OWN D*MN FAULT. Yeah right.

On the good front I did make more progress on my Sunrise Circle Jacket, I am almost done with the right front. I am getting real nervous however cause I am down to less than 3 skeins of yarn and I still have to knit up the back...o.k. the back is just the back, no sleeve parts etc - so I am praying that I will have enough yarn. I should finish the front tonight and cast on for the back. We are planning a road trip to Las Vegas [Friend's daughter's wedding] this weekend so I should have plenty of knitting time.... now I just hope I have plenty of yarn. I'll update you when I know. Good News or bad???

Monday, March 27, 2006

A bit of progress

This weekend had bit and times for knitting.....not near enough for me....but o.h. well. I did make some good progress on SCJ, I finished the left front [have not sewn/knitted the hem]. I am about 6" up on the right sleeve, it is going much quicker than the left side did. Guess it is because I already know the steps. Have to be careful that I don't feel so confident and get careless.

We did take time this weekend for a major project. We have about 2.5 acres fenced [out of 5] and we like to allow our two [stupid] dogs to run loose on the property. They like to get out of the yard [dummies], anyway we have used a radio controled containment fence on them for the last few years. Evidently about 2 weeks ago a rabbit chewed thru the wire [probably several rabbits in several places]. We searched and searched for the break, no luck finding it. Break in wire = no containment fence = dog must be on runs when we are not right there to supervise them. Finally we got new wire [gave up looking for break] and this weekend I re-strung the wire. Sound not too difficult...yeah well we ran short of clips to attach the wire [we put it at the top of the fence this time so we can see a break if it happens] so I keep having to crouch down to remove the clips from the old wire [on the ground]. Can you say TIGHT leg muscles. Ah but the good news is the wire is WORKING [well that probably isn't good news to the dogs].

Tonight is free and maybe I can knit, knit, knit. I am getting pretty excited to see real progress.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Not much knitting time

Well last night I thought I might be able to make good progress on the sleeve; but it was not to be. Hublet has been working on a deck railing project [one he will get paid for] for the last week and half. He is down to installing the upright rails and needed to cut 140 rails to size. Could I help? you know carry the wood back in forth?, stack the rails as they are cut? count the cuts make sure we are making enough? I am more than happy to help [but grumble, grumble, grumble....I won't get anywhere on the know at least back to where I ripped]; we got the boards cut -- took us until 9pm and burrrrr was it getting cold; down to freezing. Yes I know for most of the world that is no big deal ..... but we live in Southern California for a reason.....we are big babies! [and proud of it].

Nothing planned on the schedule this evening ..... so I am looking forward to making some serious progress. In my previous venture [before frogging] I had gotten to the point in the pattern where the increases for the curve in the sweater begin. That part looks like so much fun, watching the pattern come to life. I just realized that maybe you lucky readers have no idea what sweater I am talking about.

Here is the pattern as shown in Interweave
[free pattern for download]. I am part of a group
of knitters all working [or completed] on this sweater.
I am really enjoying this aspect of knitting because
everyone has had such nice insights to share as they
knit along.

Here we go a frogging

Well I did it. It. Was. Hard. I ripped out the 109 rows that I already knitted [with those twisted stitches], wound the yarn up loosely, took a deep breath [yeah I had an Irish Coffee also]. This picture is how far I had gotten before ripping.

Then I began AGAIN. Acutally this time my knitted hem came out I guess all this "practice" is going to serve me well. I was able to knit about 40 rows last night and EVERY THING IS NICE AND STRAIGHT -- HOORAY FOR ME.

I took this picture of my previous knitting, not sure how well you will be able to see the difference in twisted and not twisted. You are looking at the needle edge of my knitting. Last 1 1/2" of knitting is not-twisted all the rest is twisted. The twisted stitches have much more texture.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

1 Step forward 3 steps back

O.K. my yarn for the Sunrise Circle Jacket came in last week. IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! The color is so rich looking, dark green with little specks of red -- looks just like a forest. I guess that is why the color name is Deep Forest Green.

As per the recommendation from other knitters working on the pattern I started the pattern on the left sleeve as it knits up into the front as one piece. I have also been reading up on turned and knitted hems [using crochet cast-on]. I decided to try this method.....o.k. I had to knit the beginning and hem 4 times before it worked out but I love the look. It is so finished and I do a horrid job of hemming or seaming. At any rate I spent a VERY rainy [and snow...yeah snow in Southern California] weekend and got to the point of beginning the front panel. 107 rows - 17 1/2" of knitting -- pretty good huh.

You know there is a story to this don't you? Well yesterday while scanning the knitty coffeeshop I came across a posting from ENTRELAC with the most excellent pictures of twisted vs non-twisted stitches. I went home looked real hard at my sleeve and how I was knitting. Following ENTRELAC guidance I knit the next several rows. Guess what they are not twisted...Unfortunately the other 107 rows are! I have taken a DEEEEEEEEP breath and tonight I guess I rip it all out. Well at least I should be able to do the hem turn with out any problems.

I took pictures of the sleeve todate and tried to show the difference in the stitches. I will try to get them posted soon.

Friday, March 03, 2006

FINALLY!!! I selected my yarn

Gosh I signed up for the Sunrise Circle Jacket kal when it first started...what two weeks ago and I just now FINALLY decided what yarn to use. The color [Deep Forest] looked wonderful on the screen, hope it is as luscious in person . I ordered it from so it is coming from Canada but it is only suppose to take 2-3 days.

This is the first time I have ordered ANYTHING over the Internet. I am such a computer husband on the other hand orders stuff 2-3 times a week. Guess it doesn't make him nervous.

Anyway I am anxious to receive it, this will be a big project for me and my first sweater using something other than acrylic [not only am I timid I'm also fiscally conservative....again the opposite from the hublet.....must be like they say opposites attract].

Now although I have knitted 3 sweater, 2 pairs of socks [yeah I finished my sideline olympics socks] and numerous scarf I am bad bad bad. Why you ask? Cause I have never swatched before I begin a project. I'm going to make myself do it on this project. It looks like gage and sizing could be a critical factor ... ya think so . Anyway I need to commit myself to swatching on future projects and not be soooooo lazy; or is it too anxious to start.

This weekend, while I am impatiently waiting for my yarn, I will continue to practice a twisted cable stitch. Got confussed on the first repeat but I think the second one is coming out correctly. I really LOVE learning new stitches and patterns. A question was asked on KnittyCoffeshop last week as to whether one was a process or a progress knitter. Guess I have to conclude I am MUCH more of a process knitter [but I have to finish what I start!!!]

Time to go home YEA YEA YEA the Weekend is here and we have an uncommitted weekend [that happens like once in a blue moon] YEA YEA YEA

Monday, February 27, 2006

Sideline Knitting Olympics....& I didn't finish

Well the Olympics are over and so are the Knitting Olympics. I was too late in signing up for the KO so I have been just participation on the sideline. Opps even from the sideline I did not finish; my life got too hectic [or really just stayed as hectic as it always is...I've got to continue to try to relax more]. I had two weekends during the KO's that should have been plenty of time to knit the pair of socks I choose [using size 3 needles - the smallest I have ever tried]. First weekend my Husband & I were scheduled to work at the Indio Date Festival [we are part of the Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Assocation]. I thought this would be a perfect time for me to get some knitting done -- WRONG. Between keeping the engines running, talking with fairgoers and dealing with the cold and wind I think I frogged more than I knit. I kept having to put my knitting down in mid-row / rib and then forget where I was when I finally would get to pick it back up. By Monday I decided I was doing more damage than progress.

Fortunatly during the week I was able to make good progress and got down to the heel flap on the second sock. This past weekend we were at an auto swap meet Fri, Sat and Sun [morning] but again just not good for knitting -- too many interuptions. I got the heel flap finished [32 short rows in 2 days....that is SLOW for me]. Got home mid-day on Sunday and was able to fly on the knitting almost finished down to the toe decrease. BUT the Olympics are over and I didn't finish so I can't even give myself a Sideline Olympics medal.....I will finish the socks and I will remember that my true reward will be a wonderful pair of hand knit socks.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Maybe I can post some pictures

Blogging is VERY new to me and I am soooooooo confused. I keep trying stuff only to lose it before it gets posted. But try try I must, and I must remind myself that I am not stupid [just maybe dense sometimes]. Anyway I want to try to post some pictures of what I have been knitting.

I am knitting a pair of socks along with the Knitting Olympics [I'm just a sideline participant as I did not sign up in time] One sock is done; a bit big in the foot area so I may frog it back; and the second one is half way down the cuff. Oh, one lesson learned .... I was careful to make sure I started both socks at the same color on the stripping repeat; however what I DID NOT note was the direction of the although the stripes line up from sock to sock...the color change is backwards on the second sock. Other than that I am enjoying knitting these up [my second pair of socks]

I also have been enjoying felting. Have done a couple of projects one of which is this hat being modeled by my dog Buddy. I also made this hat in a wonderful red for my niece for Christmas, haven't seen her wear it but I hope she enjoys it. [I don't think Buddy was much enjoying his hat wearing time, he kept shaking it off].

I just joined the Sunrise Sweater KAL, hope to select and purchase my yarn soon. Have to finish the socks first. I am one of those people that has to finish one project before I can start another. Maybe after I have been knitting for a few years I might be able to over come this obsession.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Me after completed the Mt. Whitney hike in one day..... 22 miles round trip....6,000 ft elevation gain and 21.25 hr hiking which I did back in 2002. This was QUITE the challenge. This led to me accepting the 3Day/60Mile Breast Cancer challenge....and an attempt to more or less stay in shape. I still try to walk at least 15-20 miles each week.

Nothing to do with Knitting, but I thought I would share a bit about myself. I will try for more knitty type stuff in the future. Right now I am trying to get off for a three day weekend .... wahoooooo

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Brilliant first post .... yeah right

O.K. I have been threatening to try the "blogity blog blog" stuff. So in trying to respond to the Sunrise Circle Jacket KAL I seem to have created a blog for myself. Where do I go from here? Yeah I know that is a rhetorical question....but I wasn't quite ready to start this blog stuff.

I suppose, since this is my first entry, I should introduce myself. HI, I'm Mad Dog Knitting and I knit....gee wasn't that brilliant. So far I have knit 3 sweaters [one of which I will probably frog and re-knit], 1 baby junper, 1 pair of socks working on a second pair, 2 hats [felted], a felted bag and several scarfs. I love trying new techniques.
In addition to knitting I also walk as in the 3-Day / 60 Mile Breast Cancer Walk and have done so for the past 3 years. Actually this year I will participate by being a member of the "All Volunteer Crew" in which I expect that I will work way harder than the 60 mile walking [and believe me walking 60 miles ain't no small feet]. O.K. other interest of mine: I belong to Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association - better know as EDGE&TA. I have two tractors of my own, both Farmall Cubs - 1948 & 1949 which I often drive in parades. My husband [yeah I have a husband] has several tractors of his own as well as more engines than I wish to count [ignorance is bliss - hope he feels this way about the yarn stash I hope to aquire]. I am also very active in my small rural community - a member of our local Kiwanis [Imediate Past President] and Board Member of our Volunteer Fire Department.

Well I don't want to reveil everything in my first post....I won't have anything else to tell you if I do.