Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Maybe I can post some pictures

Blogging is VERY new to me and I am soooooooo confused. I keep trying stuff only to lose it before it gets posted. But try try I must, and I must remind myself that I am not stupid [just maybe dense sometimes]. Anyway I want to try to post some pictures of what I have been knitting.

I am knitting a pair of socks along with the Knitting Olympics [I'm just a sideline participant as I did not sign up in time] One sock is done; a bit big in the foot area so I may frog it back; and the second one is half way down the cuff. Oh, one lesson learned .... I was careful to make sure I started both socks at the same color on the stripping repeat; however what I DID NOT note was the direction of the repeat......so although the stripes line up from sock to sock...the color change is backwards on the second sock. Other than that I am enjoying knitting these up [my second pair of socks]

I also have been enjoying felting. Have done a couple of projects one of which is this hat being modeled by my dog Buddy. I also made this hat in a wonderful red for my niece for Christmas, haven't seen her wear it but I hope she enjoys it. [I don't think Buddy was much enjoying his hat wearing time, he kept shaking it off].

I just joined the Sunrise Sweater KAL, hope to select and purchase my yarn soon. Have to finish the socks first. I am one of those people that has to finish one project before I can start another. Maybe after I have been knitting for a few years I might be able to over come this obsession.

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