Thursday, February 16, 2006

Brilliant first post .... yeah right

O.K. I have been threatening to try the "blogity blog blog" stuff. So in trying to respond to the Sunrise Circle Jacket KAL I seem to have created a blog for myself. Where do I go from here? Yeah I know that is a rhetorical question....but I wasn't quite ready to start this blog stuff.

I suppose, since this is my first entry, I should introduce myself. HI, I'm Mad Dog Knitting and I knit....gee wasn't that brilliant. So far I have knit 3 sweaters [one of which I will probably frog and re-knit], 1 baby junper, 1 pair of socks working on a second pair, 2 hats [felted], a felted bag and several scarfs. I love trying new techniques.
In addition to knitting I also walk as in the 3-Day / 60 Mile Breast Cancer Walk and have done so for the past 3 years. Actually this year I will participate by being a member of the "All Volunteer Crew" in which I expect that I will work way harder than the 60 mile walking [and believe me walking 60 miles ain't no small feet]. O.K. other interest of mine: I belong to Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association - better know as EDGE&TA. I have two tractors of my own, both Farmall Cubs - 1948 & 1949 which I often drive in parades. My husband [yeah I have a husband] has several tractors of his own as well as more engines than I wish to count [ignorance is bliss - hope he feels this way about the yarn stash I hope to aquire]. I am also very active in my small rural community - a member of our local Kiwanis [Imediate Past President] and Board Member of our Volunteer Fire Department.

Well I don't want to reveil everything in my first post....I won't have anything else to tell you if I do.

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