Monday, May 01, 2006


What a lovely weekend. It was SUNNY & warm. I am really a So. Cal girl [born & raised] and we have had a very gloomy winter. Late rains [which we desperately needed so I shouldn't complain]and cloudy almost everyday for the entire beginning of this year. Ah but this weekend it was beautiful!!!!!

I don't have anything on the needles right now so I didn't get any knitting done, I just kind of sat around and enjoyed the SUN. I guess I didn't realize how much the weather was affecting me. Now I have lived in Oregon [for about 2 years] and I loved it. I guess the difference is that I expected clouds and rain when I lived there.

I have finished up my Sunrise Circle Jacket with buttons and all, however I need to move one of the buttons. It is too far in and makes the jacket front not lie down flat. The problem is that it is warm weather now [80 degrees this wonderful sunny weekend past] and I just can't seem to pick-up my wool jacket and do the simple task of moving a button. Guess I ought to get on with it. I really would like to post my picture showing the completed jacket. I could then post it here and on the Sunrise Circle KAL.

Probably won't get a chance in the next few nights, meetings tonight and tomorrow night....maybe Wed. I think I will set myself a goal to FINISH it Wed., I really would like to begin a new project. Don't know what yet, have to look thru my patterns, I am thinking of recycling an old sweater and knitting another hat to be felted [now that I know how to knit on circulars without it ending up all left leaning]

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