Thursday, May 18, 2006

Been a bad blogger

Well for anyone who reads my pathetic blog...sorry. I still haven't gotten use to making entries in this. I guess I figure my life is pretty boring. I have been on overload mode the last few weeks. I haven't even knit anything since I finished the Sunrise Jacket [and of course it is too hot around here to wear it]. I did pick-up some sock yarn the other weekend and some size 00 needles. Tried to cast on and knit....but we have a new kitten....and he thought the knitting and needles were just irresistible.

Yes we have a new kitty, no name yet. We are waiting for him to tell us what his name should be. I did get a few pictures of him the other night and I will try to upload them next chance I get [don't hold your breath]. Right now he is an indoor kitten cause we are trying to adapt him to our two big [horses] of dogs. They have a tendency to chase cats, however kitty will not run. In fact he walks up to them and bats them on the nose. They are SO puzzled by this, I really need to get a video of it.

Once again it is time for me to run off, HAIRCUT day. Can't miss that or be late. See ya


Anonymous said...

A new kitty...can't wait to see pictures! Looking forward to spoiling you (and your furbabies)!

Your Knitty SP7 Pal

Sarah said...

New kitty!

I can't wait for pics!

And yep, his name will come, they always do!

Penny Karma said...

Kitty doesn't run? Name him Walker... Kitty Ranger.

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