Monday, March 27, 2006

A bit of progress

This weekend had bit and times for knitting.....not near enough for me....but o.h. well. I did make some good progress on SCJ, I finished the left front [have not sewn/knitted the hem]. I am about 6" up on the right sleeve, it is going much quicker than the left side did. Guess it is because I already know the steps. Have to be careful that I don't feel so confident and get careless.

We did take time this weekend for a major project. We have about 2.5 acres fenced [out of 5] and we like to allow our two [stupid] dogs to run loose on the property. They like to get out of the yard [dummies], anyway we have used a radio controled containment fence on them for the last few years. Evidently about 2 weeks ago a rabbit chewed thru the wire [probably several rabbits in several places]. We searched and searched for the break, no luck finding it. Break in wire = no containment fence = dog must be on runs when we are not right there to supervise them. Finally we got new wire [gave up looking for break] and this weekend I re-strung the wire. Sound not too difficult...yeah well we ran short of clips to attach the wire [we put it at the top of the fence this time so we can see a break if it happens] so I keep having to crouch down to remove the clips from the old wire [on the ground]. Can you say TIGHT leg muscles. Ah but the good news is the wire is WORKING [well that probably isn't good news to the dogs].

Tonight is free and maybe I can knit, knit, knit. I am getting pretty excited to see real progress.

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