Thursday, June 22, 2006

View from my New front porch

We have spent the last few months building a wonderful front porch [actually my hublet did the building, I earned the money]. We still need to add railings, although I am really enjoying it without the rails. So are our dogs .... Buddy here is surveying the domain.

I was trying to get the overall view [mountains way in the background] but it was just too sunny. Yes those are old tractors you see under the oaks, just another one of our hobbies.

Next on our never-ending list of projects is to landscape this front. We want to make a walk/path way up from the drive to the front door and possible even plant some roses. We do need to be aware of water usage as we are on a well and in So. Ca....not known for excess water. Oh yeah and we can't ever forget it is SummerTime now and the temp has been know to get to 110-115f. This means we gota be sure the watering system is set up before we buy the plants. Oh and also we need to be sure we don't melt when we are trying to do this said planting.....hum....looks like we ought to wait till the fall. But I want flowers and roses now sulks off into corner.


Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful - I love big, old trees! (And roses, too....) KSP7 Pal

ladylinoleum said...

Awww, look at your bee-you-ti-ful fuzzy pups!

Sarah said...

cute pup!

A nice relaxing porch is a wonderful addition to any house, congrats!