Friday, August 04, 2006

Ummmmm Where did JULY go???

O.K. I lost a month. Where did July go?? No really I mean it where did it go? I can't believe I lost a whole month. I did go on vacation but that was only one week. Oh I suppose you want pictures from the vacation alright I'll upload some pictures [if blogger will let me] .

These are from Crater Lake, Oregon. Isn't the water beautiful.

This is my husband posing as a tourist and this is me.

We drove from San Diego to Vancouver Wa, took a week off and had a great time taking the back roads and stopping at out of the way little towns. We are always playing the "could we live here game" so we enjoy crusing off the beaten path.

Purpose of the Vacation was to attend the Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Assoc. National Meeting in Ridgefield Wa [just north of Vancouver]. Had a great time there, saw lots of different antique engines and tractor, saw lots of people we only see at these events and in general had a great time. I have more pictures on my other camera, I will try to get them uploaded at another time [camera is not with me]. I guess if you know me, you know there is no reason to hold your breath on me posting something again in the near future.

Really I have plenty to say, just never enough time to say it....yeah what ever. Well I don't want to use all my stuff up in this post. So bye till next time [when ever that might be]

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Anonymous said...

Your photos are beautiful! I absolutely love Oregon, and hope to move there some day. My husband and I play the "could we live here" game, too! Makes for some fun travels...Your Knitty SP7