Monday, August 07, 2006

How much food can one Teenager EAT!!!

Oh. My. God. I was warned, I thought I was prepared, I thought it wouldn't be too bad....but oh my, oh my.

O.K. what is my problem...well we have not one but TWO teenage grandsons visiting us right now [one for 4-5 days and one for about 3 weeks]. We picked them up on Thursday and since then have spent over $200 on groceries [mind you my husband & I probably only spend about $250-300 per month for ourselves] and I have to go shopping again tonight. To top it off they eat an entirely different diet than we do, so we are having to buying stuff that isn't in the pantry. We are low-carb eaters but I don't think that is good for growing teenagers, especially ones that could eat me out of house and home. Bad for the budget, bad for the diet [cause I fix dinner and we end up all eating together] but GOOD FOR BONDING WITH THE BOYS. I guess I need to remind myself that this is the most important part - GETTING TO SPEND TIME WITH THEM. In a while they will be gone [visit over] and then they will be grown-up and off on their own. This little shock time will be over and I am sure I will look back and laugh at myself.....but Oh.My.God can they EAT

p.s. I still need to take pictures of them [cousins that don't see each other except every few years] so I can post them. Try to get pictures tonight. [after I get home from the grocery store!]

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