Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Gifties from my Secret Pal!!!!

Wow look at all this COOL stuff I received from my Secret Pal. What/who is a Secret Pal? you ask [jealous aren't you]....I belong to "Knitty Coffeeshop" which is about the neatest bunch of folks on-line..anyway periodically they have what are "Secret Pal Swaps" and this time I got to play. So these are the gifts sent to ME by my secret pal. Now I don't know who she is but I think she lives in Arizona

There is a little notebook with a band to keep it closed which will go right into my sock knitting bag [love the band for closure, cause I am always wrinkling up note pages otherwise]; some wonderful Burt Bees Lip Gloss which has already found it's way into my purse and onto my lips mmmmmm; some gumdrop pops bound for the local Bible School kids [yeah let's get them hopped up on sugar; a pencil case with more zippers than I have ever seen - will be great for holding little notions; then also the coolest pattern book "Last Minute Gifts" - I've already mentally picked out several patterns that just need to be knitted.

can you say PURPLE..yummy, yummy purple yarn
Gonn'a have to think on what is just the right pattern for this loveliness. Gee I might have to just look at it and pet it for awhile. My mind loves to knit up several possible finished projects [so much quicker than actually knitting them]. Ah but this yarn deserves the right pattern!

SO THANK YOU TO MY SPECIAL PAL [cause I know you check my pathetic blog from time to time] and I still have NO CLUE as to who you are. I am terrible at figuring out coded names; I never can figure out what someone has on their car licenceplate -- so if your name is anything like that [and I think it must be] I will remain clueless. Anyone out there that can interpret Doaner82to7 ??????

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Anonymous said...

Glad you liked everything! I'll give you one hint on the's not in season. Your Knitty SP7 Pal