Monday, April 17, 2006

Got all the parts!

Knitting went well on the Las Vegas trip. I got all the parts finished by Tues night and all the hems finished on Thurs I didn't feel ready to block it [I am still intimidated by blocking]. I let it go until Sunday afternoon...then figured gahh just do it you probably can't mess it up too much So there they are.

Drying on the spare bed, cause that is the only place large enough in our house. Good thing we don't have any company expected.
The knitted up objects look a little see thru so I am hoping that they have enough body to hold the shape well. Hopefully they will be dry in a day or two then it will be time to seam and see.

p.s. I finished with about 5 feet of yarn left....that's cutting it a little close

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