Thursday, September 28, 2006

Meet our Wild Cats

Stripes Posted by Picasa

O.K. this picture has been hanging up here unexplained for months now, I suppose at least something should be said [I am editing this now at the end of Jan 2007].

Stripes is one of two remaining feral cats we have from a loooonnng line of cats. 12 years ago when we move out here to the country we got 4 kittens [unrelated to each other]. Since then we have had their descendants but each litter has gotten more and more aloof. Stripes and his [sister?] Fuzzy are the last. We live at the base of a mountain and kitties are born on the mountain. We usually don't even know about them until they are long past opening their eyes....and believe me they are LONG past putting up with any human.

I have been able [on very rare occasions] to pet Stripes, but I don't believe Fuzzy has ever been touched by human hands. They do come down to eat of course and I am sure they help with the rodent control. They appear healthy - quite wild but healthy. I do care for my wild cats and wish them the longest life.

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