Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lucy's first outdoor outing

Meet Lucy - our newest kitty. She is about the tinyest kitten, sometimes we wonder if she will ever get any bigger [actually we have had her about 3 wks and she is finally starting to put some size on]. She finally got to go outside, we have an area that is dog free so I didn't have to worry about her hiding somewhere I wouldn't be able to reach her. She had quite a time and got to meet our other two [feral] cats. As soon as I have time and blogger cooperates I'll post more pictures....I have lots of cool pictures of all my kittys [Rocky, Lucy and our two feral cats - Stripes and Fuzzy].

Rocky kept a good eye on her, in fact he was pretty protective of her around Stripes. I think she is saying to Stripes "My you're a BIG cat!"

Rocky came over to reasure her and let Stripes know not to mess with the little one. I could almost hear the conversation.

I also got lucky and managed to get a couple of good pictures of Stripes and Fuzzy [for Fuzzy this is VERY rare since she has never allowed anyone to even touch her]. Unfortunately blogger is not uploading the pictures. Try again tomorrow

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