Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Well it is about TIME

Months, I mean months have passed since I last blogged anything. My most common used excuse....I want to put pictures with whatever I am going to post ...and I haven't taken the pictures or I don't have them accessable on this computer. Pretty lame excuse huh.

Well I do have one picture that I really like. Believe it or not we actually had quite a freeze here in So. Ca. Over the New Year's holiday we took a quick drive thru the mountains and I got this shot. Ice crystals on a simple roadside weed. Cool huh. Well we were sure impressed. The light was just right as we drove, sun shining on everything making it look like a crazed elf had covered the mountain in glitter and tinsel. I never really understood tinsel on christmas trees [loved the look, but didn't see where the idea came from], now I do. It was absolutely beautiful, we took more pictures...but you know...I don't have them on this computer.
I swear I'm going to get my picture taking done and uploaded [I really need to do it cause I want to show you what I got from my SP8 Yarnnut!!!!]

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Interesting to know.