Tuesday, February 13, 2007

SP8 Yippeee

Look what I got [I actually received this last week, but due to my hectic schedule this is the first opportunity I have had to blog it]

Check out the cool stuff from Yarnnut [my Knitty SP8 special pal]. A beautiful drop spindle, notebook to record my spinning experiences, a wonderfully delicious chocolate bar, really cool erasers that look like little chocolates and....... roving. Roving for me to learn how to use the beautiful spindle [I am a complete novice on spinning.
Notice the blue/purple roving YES, gorgeous isn't it....she dyed it just for me. I am going to do my learning/practice with the white. I sure want to know, at least a little, what I am doing before I try my special roving.

I played a bit with the white the night I received this. Obviously I need a LOT of practice. I am also going to look to see if there are any classes I can take. I think this maybe something that can't really be learned just from reading and the Internet. I will play more [that is if I EVER get a free moment]. I can't wait to get comfortable with the spindle, cause I really want to spin up my special roving. I just know it will be the most beautiful yarn.
YARNNUT you are the bestest!!!!!!!


KnitChick said...

How GORGEOUS!! What a beautiful spindle, and that roving!! Oooohhhh!

yarnnut said...

I'm so glad you love the package. I'm a novice spinner too so I know all about the need for practice. That is the fun part! I've already started working on the second package....