Thursday, September 27, 2007

BlogStalker 2 - and I am cheating

O.K. Blog Stalker has been going on for awhile and I am going back and changing the post date [cause I'm evil like that]. But I figure I might as well look like I am participating.

Week 2 - Purse Guts.
I must admit I have a pretty boring purse.

your very basic black purse that I bought secondhand [I don't even remember where]. In this purse [and all purses that I have ever had] everything has it's place and THAT IS WHERE IT BELONGS!!! [naw I'm not anal or anything] So here it is. Main pocket - wallet, hairbrush, palmpilot, lipstick [althought I don't know why as I do NOT wear lipstick], dental picks, carmex lipbalm, neighbor/friends keys and MOST importantly my Swiss Army Knife - it goes everywhere with me!

And this is the front pocket - checkbook, pens, business card holder, thumbdrive [better know as NerdStick], chewing gum, mints and more lipbalm

then there is the misc stuff in the little side pockets; glasses case, cellphone handsfree kit, office keys, car & house keys.

See I told you, a very boring purse!!!

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