Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Finished some Socks

Well I have been working on a pair of socks and they are actually finished. The yarn is Knitpic Jester color Multi - a bit too wild for my tastes. They did work out PERFECTLY for my friend Nanc - she likes wild stuff and the socks actually even fit her.

Naive Socks - cropped

Naive Socks 005

Fun pattern and a variety of cables to keep it interesting. Pattern is Naive Socks by SillyJane

Now I am designing a pair of toe-up socks (knitting them two-at-a-time) with a self-striping yarn. I found an interesting but fairly simple pattern in one of my pattern books and I adjusted it to fit the stitch count. I am just starting the pattern (pattern only on the instep side at this time).

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Nina said...

Wow, those are.. colorful. :) Exactly like something I would wear. :)